At SelfDecode, we take your privacy and the security of your genetic data very seriously. Only vetted and trusted employees of SelfDecode have access to the administrator/backend portion of the site and the text files are stored securely on Amazon’s cloud, with only one person having access.

SelfDecode is committed to our users privacy. That is why we ensure our infrastructure meets modern security standards by enforcing the following practices:

  • Secure SSL certified connections only
  • Script Protection
  • Disk Write Protections
  • Plugin Access Restriction
  • External Security Penetration Testing
  • Annual SAS 70 Type II Examinations
  • Encryption of All Backup Media
  • Maintain Audit Logs

If you are still concerned, we recommend changing the text file name to something random and using a “throw-away email” to sign up.

Your credit card information is handled with secure payment processors (Stripe, Paypal) and no one from SelfDecode has access to it.